(Some guys are just too stuck to cross the road.)
A 28 minute, 58 second film
Written, Directed and Produced by
Julius Galacki
The films stars Matt Mercer and Drew Nye.

In a figurative wasteland, two guys are so stuck in their lives that they must pass the time by talking about profound things in profoundly foolish ways. ALL THINGS CHICKEN” is both a comedy-drama about how NOT to live one’s life yet also a paean to the saving grace of friendship… no matter how dysfunctional.

Bocci - Dave - But very important though - compressedThe two guys obsess. They spar.

They ask the big metaphysical questions: should they eat fried chicken or chicken pot pie? Moreover…

Why does everyone say “oh, god” during sex?

Do extra-terrestrials notice the light we generate on earth?

Some Snippets from the Film:

Hey, want to go get some chicken? Fried chicken. Crispy chicken. Crispy fried chicken.
No, it isn’t healthy.
The pot pie has peas in it.
It has peas!
No! I don’t want to go out.

ALL THINGS CHICKEN – “Closing Theme” – composed by Ben Wise

A comet is a lonely thing. In the chaos of the beginning, when what was hot and everywhere became cold enough to be round and planetary, there were still unused balls of dust and ice. The gravity of the planets expelled their brethren like a shower of snowballs into deep space. A cloud of primordial snowballs are out there, surrounding us in their loneliness.

``Sometimes I get so depressed, I don't care about f***ing, okay? That's how depressed I am.``
``God is something men make up to fill their holes``

``You could use a few holes filled. If I didn't have my holes filled, you could see right through me.``

“Road trip… No more arguments from you… God wants you to see that comet Raymond Chardas… We’re going to get to that mountain and the sky will be clear.”


See the film
at the Vancouver Community Library, 901 C. Street, Vancouver, WA 98660, on August 8, 2015 at 5 pm, as part of the Colombia Gorge International Film Festival. Admission is free.